Pokémon UNITE AKB48 Group Invitational CHAMPION


We are honored to announce that last January 16, 2022; MNL48 Team Padayon had taken home the championship at the Pokémon Battle Asia Festival 2021/ Pokémon UNITE AKB48 Group Invitational against Yummy Remote, team representative of BNK48 ending the battle with a 3-1 score.

Last year, on the 26th of November, MNL48 announced that they will be joining the Pokémon Battle Asia Festival 2021 alongside their sister group BNK48, JKT48, and CGM48 of AKB48 Group Invitational. And had formed five (5) Game teams from MNL48 Game Master Teams namely: Team Padayon with MNL48 members Yzabel, Miho, Klaire, Jem, and Kath; Team Blazing Phoenix including Sheki, Andi, Rianna, Jamie, and Gia; Team Stalwart League with Coleen, Dana, Ella, Princess, and Lyza; Team Pyro Manila with Abby, Amy, Lara, Jan and Jie, and lastly Team Pink Zugaikotsu with Klaryle, Cole, Ruth, Frances, and Dian.

As the game progress, only two MNL48 Game teams had qualified for the International Tournament, which are Team Pyro Manila and Team Padayon.

And on the day of the Playoffs Pokémon UNITE AKB48 Group Invitational, January 16, 2022, Team Padayon had defeated each Team representative of their sister group and showing their brilliance and teamwork in playing the Pokémon UNITE which leads them to win.

Team Captain of Team Padayon MNL48 Yzabel expresses her feeling about winning the Pokémon Battle Asia Festival 2021

“I feel so happy and grateful for this title, opportunity and for my members. I have only dreamt of this type of opportunity, being given the role as a captain and somehow pulling it off and leading my team to victory, eventually leading us to the title as champions feels so surreal. Padayon is now officially the first Filipino idol group to win in an international esports competition, knowing this brings me over the moon! “
She also shares important things to remember to win the championship.
“Think of the game and don’t think of winning. Communication, trusting one another, keeping a cool head and quick decision making were the key factors as to why Padayon has great synergy. “
MNL48 Yzabel also shares her experience during their journey in Pokémon Battle Asia Festival 2021
“Honestly it was really hectic but fun! Despite the pressure, troubles and trials coming our way, specifically we had health scares that were false alarms. Padayon was able to compete. We were able to proudly represent MNL48, the Philippines and bring home the bacon!”
She also mention her favorite moment
“Kath is the favorite moment, as captain I was heavily pressured but Kath’s lutang moments definitely made me smile despite it also making me head hurt hahaha but overall my most favorite is getting to really know my members, for our teamwork and synergy to become stronger we had to get to know and trust one another to make Padayon stronger. Seeing my girls work hard and have this strong connection with one another made my heart happy as a captain.”
Lastly, MNL48 Yzabel and Team Padayon’s message to their fans
Thank you so much for the love and support and for believing in Padayon.
Hopefully this won’t be the last you see of Padayon!

As Tournament winner, Team Padayon will receive the official endorser of Pokémon UNITE.


Team Captain: MNL48 Yzabel


MNL48 Miho


MNL48 Klaire


MNL48 Jem


MNL48 Kath