Baby Blue Announcement


Baby Blue welcomes its newest member, MNL48 Frances.

This stunning young lady has captured many hearts as seen on her social media account which has the 2nd most number of followers among the MNL48 members.

She entered the MNL48 on the second generation and has been with the group for almost 3 years and now another big step has been taken by Frances for being the newest member of MNL48 sub-unit, BABY BLUE.

“People know me for immediately wanting to learn a song from MNL48, but for some reason, I never had the urge to learn any song from Baby Blue. I guess it's because I never expected to be one. Over the past couple of months, one thing I'm sure of, I was just really waiting for my time. My time to shine again. My time to perform again. My time to showcase my talents again. And while I was waiting, I clapped. I supported.“ Frances stated.

She then expresses her feeling after knowing that she will be joining Baby Blue:

“When I was informed that I will part of the Baby Blue, I cried. I cried because I was super happy. I really didn't expect all these to happen. I was already used to being the one who supports but I can't believe God gave me such a blessing.”

Frances message to everyone:

“ To everybody who genuinely supported me, my family, friends, and my MNL48 Ate's, thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for believing that I can really do it. To my management, thank you. Thank you for choosing me. I once asked someone why me, and the reply was, "Because this is destined for you." Thank you for seeing the tiny burning fire in me.” “Again, to you, my love, I am extremely grateful and humbly thanking you for this. I will never be where I am today if it weren't for you. Thank you for seeing the good in me and for always making me feel that I am loved. This one's for you. ❤️”

“This is Baby Blue Frances, signing in.”

The Management is very optimistic for what lies ahead for the group especially that the newest member of Baby Blue arrived and as they had been working hard preparing for their future activities and projects.

The Management is also grateful to Jan who is the outgoing Baby Blue member. We are thankful for her time, effort and dedication to the group. And we wish her success on her future happenings professionally and personally.

In addition, Frances has given a heart-warming message to Jan and to the rest of Baby Blue Member

“To Ate Jan, I pray for nothing but the best for you. You have left such an amazing legacy and I can never replace you. Instead, I am going to do my best as me, Frances. Soar higher, Ate. To Coco, my ut ut, and Amy, I'm sorry for Ate Jan's departure and I am going to do my best for Baby Blue.”

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