MNL48 Announcement


Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) would like to formally announce that MNL48 Alice, former MNL48’s Overall Captain will be graduating from the idol industry and will no longer be part of the MNL48’s Third Generation that we, HHE and MNL48, respect and understand.

“As I step forward on a new path, I do so with humble thanks to each of you. The time has come for me to start something new. I depart today with warm memories of my time spent here and the work we’ve done.

With many thanks to all of you for making my time here so rewarding, it’s time for me to say goodbye to MNL48. I will miss here and I wish you all success in your careers and beyond. Farewell for now. Starting a new chapter is always challenging, as it begins by ending one. I hope MNL48 will reach more eminent success and power in the days to come!” MNL48 Alice stated.

With that, sincere gratitude to the commitment, talent, dedication and experiences she shared with us and we wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

Indeed, we truly are grateful for the unending support of fans. We are hopeful for what’s in store for MNL48 especially now that the group is worked hard for their seventh single and gearing up for the upcoming jam-packed activities and projects.