MNL48 Starts! MNL48’s First Generation Audition announced

by Mnl48 Philippines

On December 3, 2016, twelve members of AKB48’s Team 8 entertained their fans when they appeared on Philippine TV show “It’s Showtime” and then held their first Fan Meeting in Manila.

During these activities, the start of MNL48’s First Generation Audition was also announced. The MNL48 audition method takes after the style of AKB48’s General Election, where members are chosen through nationwide voting. Applicants can apply through the official MNL48 mobile app, where their profiles will be made visible to the public.

Through the auditions, 64 finalists will be selected. The first phase of MNL48 will be decided, and the first-generation members will promote for one year. The General Election will be held every year, and the voting will happen between the existing members and newly selected finalists. The top 64 girls who will be selected through the General Election will be active for one year.

MNL48 billboards have been put up along major roads in Metro Manila. Aside from the present promotions, Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. has plans to further develop activities in the future.