MNLoves congregate in Manila for ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ Mall Tour

by MNL48 Philippines

Fans were all out support for our very own Philippines’ pride – MNL48 – in their international and local stages as they participated in the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 at Shanghai, China and 4th single ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ mall tour at Lucky China Town, Manila simultaneously on August 24, 2019.

In Lucky China Town, Kenkyuusei members – Frances, Essel, Karla, Jean, Trish, Nile, Sam and Gia - were amazed by the sea of crowd as they opened the show performing their own version of ‘First Rabbit’ and ‘Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie. Hence, MNL48 Gia, enthused that “Sobrang happy and nakaka-overwhelmed ‘yung feeling kasi di naman ine-expect na ganto kadami ‘yung tao, and pantay pantay ‘yung support nila kahit may sarili po silang oshi, they never made us felt na hindi po isa sa amin napapansin”.

Meanwhile, the crowd went wild, shouting to the top of their lungs and supporting their respective oshis as MNL48 – Aly, Jamie, Alice, Ash, Kyla, Jan, Gabb and Grace - made their appearance and slain the performances of ‘So Long’ and ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’. Thus, MNL48 were over the moon because of the overwhelming presence of MNLoves in spite of the fact that AKB48’s event is also happening. Additionally, MNL48 Alice expressed her gratitude to fans “Despite of the heavy rain, we are glad to see them all sa pag-support dito sa Lucky China Town and sobrang dami ng tao kasi halo-halo ‘yung audience, mayroong gamers, MNLoves and fans of cosplayers. We feel blessed”.

Fans were also appreciative of MNL48 for not being complacent and still exerting their best efforts in every mall tours and mini-events, “Kahit buma-bagyo, sige pa rin kami kasi aside from our oshis being there, worthy ‘yung pag-punta dahil makikita ang efforts ng girls. Sila ‘yung dahilan ng kasiyahan naming, said by avid fans, MNLoves Naj.

Moreover, MNL48 will be having its jump-packed and exciting events – the successes and surprises of MNL48 for AKB48 Group Asia Festival were unending as they released the MNL48’s Limited Edition Shanghai Senbatsu Photo cards on sale, so hurry and order online because it will be just for limited time only up until August 31. Also, the most anticipated Handshake event for the 4th single ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ will be on September 21 and 22 2019. Lastly, ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ Mall tour will be at STI Caloocan this August 28 and in more malls near you this September.

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MNL48 overwhelmed Shanghai fans in AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019

by MNL48 Philippines

MNL48 together with six overseas AKB48 sister groups dominated the international stage during this year’s second AKB48 Group Asia Festival held last August 24 at National Convention Center in Shanghai, China.

MNL48 Sela, Abby, Sheki, Rans, Coleen, Brei, Kay and Belle represented the Philippine-based idol group in the Asia Festival 2019 as they gave a world-class performance of their hit tracks “Bingo!” and newly released fourth single “Ikaw Ang Melody” during the joint concert, grabbing the attention even the fans abroad.

During the mini concert in the first half of Asia Festival, MNL48 proved that their singing prowess is also for the world to hear as they sang the acapella version of “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”, boosting #MNL48x48gAsiaFestival2019 to the second top spot on Twitter Philippine trends.

Sheki and Abby joined the WRD Senbatsu members in their special performance of “River”, “Kiseki wa maniawanai” and “Confession” during the main concert. Both MNL48 girls also jived with Coleen and Rans during “Nantesutekina Sekaini Umaretanodarou” while Brei, Sela, Belle and Kay sang and danced “Honesutoman”.

MNL48 also had special appearances when all of AKB48 Groups performed “365 nichi no Kamihikouki”, “Ponytail to Syusyu”, “Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?”. The girls also joined their other sister groups in concluding the event with “AKB48 Festival”, “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”, and “Kimi Niji to Taiyou to”.

Before flying to Shanghai, Sheki’s heart felt like fluttering as this is her second time to set foot on an international stage to flaunt how the group prepared and united to come up with their performances.

“Kinilig ako nung nalaman kong may Asia Fest ulit tapos ibang bansa naman, parang another great opportunity ‘to na makapagperform ulit kami sa international stage. Naeexcite din po kami nang sobra sa kung anong mangyayari do’n, ‘yung mga memories na magagawa naming hindi lang sa’min kundi ‘yung interaction na mabubuo rin namin with our sister groups,” Sheki expressed.

“Ineexpect ko na siyempre nandoon pa rin ‘yung cooperation, unity then syempre presence of mind sa lahat ng pinractice namin at syempre, sana kahat ng natutunan namin dito sa trainings ay mas mai-apply better sa China. Mag-shine talaga ang MNL48,” she added.

For Belle, her first performance before an international audience will be remarkable as this is her big chance to give everything she has.

“Aside from mapapakita namin ‘yung hindi pa nakikita ng fans, specially sa international fans, I’m very excited na i-share kung ano ‘yung meron ako at kung ano ‘yung natutunan ko sa MNL48. Super proud din ako na malalabas ko ‘yung talents ko hindi lang sa Pilipinas pero sa ibang bansa rin. Excited din ako kasi makikita nila ‘yung iba’t ibang versions ng MNL48,” Belle said.

Abby, who had represented MNL48 during the AKB48 Group Asia Festival Press Conference last July in Shanghai, was looking forward to perform with the rest of the girls and introduce Kay and Belle to other sister groups as they will have their first appearance in the Asia Fest.

“It’s a little overwhelming kasi finally hindi lang ako ‘yung makakameet ng ibang mga sister groups kundi pati ‘yung ibang members, especially sila Kay at Belle na first time mainclude sa Asia Festival. Nakikita ko naman na super excited sila and the other sister groups kasi pinaguusapan nila na excited silang makita ‘yung mga members ng MNL48 na first time magiging parte ng Asia Fest,” Abby shared.

The AKB48 Group Asia Festival began with a fan meeting which included a mini concert consisting of special and never-before-seen performances from AKB48 (Akihabara), JKT48 (Jakarta), BNK48 (Bangkok), MNL48 (Manila), AKB48 Team SH (Shanghai), AKB48 Team TP (Taipei) and SGO48 (Ho Chi Minh).

Also included in the first part was a high-five event that followed AKB48 Group’s original concept of “idols you can meet” where fans were given the chance to meet their idols up close. The fans also enjoyed themselves with booths and fun games.

During the mini live concert, AKB48 Team SH Xhou Nian Qi was also celebrating her birthday on the same day of the event and was surprised with a birthday cake and greetings from the sister groups and fans.

The second part of the event was the much awaited dream joint concert where a strong number of 10,000 people filled the venue with cheers as 64 AKB48 Group members opened the show with “AKB48 Sanjyou”, “Aitakatta” and “Only Today”. After 26 songs, the all-girl squads capped off the show with the iconic “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 Set List

“The first part is where each group showed performances that are full of individuality, while the second part was a collaboration that can only be seen here, with WRD Senbatsu being the highlights. We really enjoyed it, and I’d like to do my best in every place where I can have concerts with my friends from all over the world,” said AKB48 Group Director Mion Mukaichi.

“I’m glad to be on the same stage with the international sister groups and I hope more opportunities like this will come in the future,” AKB48 Team SH Mao Weijia said in Shanghai.

Following the success of the previous and the recently concluded Asia Festival in Bangkok and Shanghai respectively, the fans and the girls are craving to see which country would their potentials and talents bring them next.

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MNL48 shares their preparations in their ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ Mall Tours

by MNL48 Philippines

MNL48 wowed their fans in another remarkable and charming 4th single ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ mall tour and shared their preparations to divert their nervousness and excitement before the show on August 17, 2019 in Riverbanks, Marikina City.

The show was on spot as MNL48 members Aly, Jamie, Alice, Ash, Kyla, Grace, Rowee and Jem teamed up with Kenkyuusei members Frances, Essel, Karla, Jean, Trish, Nile, Sam, Gia and Mela, who opened the 4th mall show for ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ promotional tour with the performance of their version of ‘First Rabbit’. Also, this is the 3rd time that Kenkyuusei joined MNL48's mall tour for the promotion of the group's latest single and for them, every performances felt like it's the first time as the crowd gets bigger and louder each tour.

When asked on what are their preparations in their mall tours, Kenkyuusei member, MNL48 Gia, said “we have to wake up 6am in the morning everyday to practice our singing and dancing skills plus ‘yung walks namin as pioneer models dahil naging part kami ng Tokyo Girls Collection.” Additionally, she’s still on her game in spite of having her studies and trainings simultaneously – soon we’ll be witnessing her variety of walks and impeccable stage presence in terms of model ramps and catwalks.

Meanwhile, MNL48 Senbatsu were unstoppable as they outburst cuteness in their performance of ‘So Long’ and ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’. Indeed, the fever was undeniably reached not only the fans but the all the people with their catchy music single.

These performances wouldn’t be this amazing without the preparations of each members and MNL48 center, Aly, revealed that they are having Mobile Legends Tournament and playing PUBG before mall tours as their strategy of diversion to get rid of the feeling of nervousness and excitement in order for them to have an energetic performance and savage the stage. She also added, “ito po ‘yung way para ma-transfer naming ‘yung energy naming sa stage.”. They really know how to achieve ‘VICTORY’ in both ways – MNL48 was a certified gamer on their own game in stage.

Furthermore, MNL48 were jam-packed with mall tours, concerts, TV and radio guestings for their 4th single promotion – Philippines’ idol group will also be gracing the international and local stage starting off with the their 2nd appearance in AKB48 Asia’s Festival as performers on August 24, 2019 in Shanghai, China. Also, they will also be performing in the biggest and mostawaited J-pop culture festival in the Philippines, COSLANDIA 2019 happening this November 1, 2, and 3 at SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, Taguig City.

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MNL48 conquers the hearts of North and South in their ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ Mall Tour

by MNL48 Philippines

Philippine’s J-pop Idol, MNL48, invaded the crowds of Cavite and Valenzuela by continuously promoting their compelling and bop 4th single ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ at Vista Mall Daang Hari and SM Valenzuela on August 9 and 11 of 2019.

Indeed, the storm never bothered them as MNL48 kicked off the first ever live performance of the Kenkyuusei (KKS). Moreover, Kenkyuusei started their journey in Vista Mall Daang Hari performing their own version of ‘First Rabbit’ and will be intensifying the future with more surprises as MNL48 Frances enthused that ”this upcoming launch po, marami silang aabangan specially in runways, catwalks and marami pang iba na sobrang interesting para lang sa MNLoves”.

MNL48 senbatsu conquered the heavy storm that never hindered them showing off their love for MNLoves as they perform the going epidemic ‘Ikaw ang Melody’ and ‘So Long’ in Vista Mall Daang Hari and SM Valenzuela.

MNL48 Aly was overwhelmed with the support and love of MNLoves despite of the calamity as she stated that “We’re very much thankful kasi pumunta sila kahit may bagyo, umuulan sa labas and of course sa mga malalayong MNLoves na pumunta dito, sobrang na-appreciate naming ‘yon and sana mag-ingat sila and no to puyat!”

The unquestionable support of MNLoves was again proven as they surpassed the expected audience because of the heavy rain “Worth it ‘yung pag-punta dahil nakita ko sila, kahit may bagyo masaya kami na makita silang nagpe-perform” said by an avid fan, Glen Paul B. Poblete.

Surprises are unending as they announced that they will be performing in the upcoming COSLANDIA 2019 on November 1, 2 and 3 at SMX Convention Center SM Aura, Taguig City. Also, they will be internationally gracing the stage of AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 on August 24 in Shanghai, China.

But wait, there’s more! MNL48 ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ invaded the Myx Chart and for them to be on top, MNL48 Jamie, invited the fans to keep on voting every single day and let everyone enjoy the charm and beauty of the music.

MNL48 enticed the crowd by announcing that in the following mall tours they will be selling the most-awaited 4th single CD album with an invitation for the upcoming Handshake Event and more surprises to MNLoves.

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MNL48 celebrants amaze fans during August Seitansai

by MNL48 Philippines

MNL48 Ash, Gabb, Yssa, Cole, Lei, Shaira and Shaina astonished their fans, friends and family with neverbefore-seen performances as they celebrated their birthdays during the August Seitansai event at Movie Stars Café last August 10, 2019.

As they become another year older this month – Ash and Gabb on August 31, Yssa on August 30, Cole on August 27, Lei last August 9 and twins Shaira and Shaina on August 12 – the girls delighted the crowd with their breathtaking performance of Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” after second year Senbatsu opened the show with their fourth single coupling song ‘So Long!’.

The stars of the event charmed the audience with exclusive solo performances. Cole opened their mini concert as she performed the hit High School Musical song “When There Was Me and You”, Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala”, Taylor Swift’s “Long Live” and an acoustic of “Two Voices One Song” from a Barbie movie with MNL48 Andi. Lei unleashed her powerful vocals by singing KZ Tandingan’s version of “Rolling in the Deep”, Jung Kook’s English rendition of “Euphoria” and had a little contest with MNL48 Sheki, Abby, Alice, Ecka and Belle on who can sing Beyonce’s “Love on Top” the highest.

MNL48 twins Shaina and Shaira shared the spotlight for the first time as they performed “True Colors” live on ukulele, “Speechless” from the live-action Aladdin movie, TWICE’s “Fancy” and “What is Love” followed by an explosive dance number of “Awadama Fever” and “Gimmie Chocolate” with MNL48 Ash.

“Sobrang nakakatouch po kasi ang daming pumunta po ngayon kahit first time po namin sa Seitansai at feeling ko naman po nagustuhan ng mga fans ‘yung mga performances namin. Siyempre pinaghandaan din namin ni Shaina ‘yun kahit medyo alanganin sa oras ‘yung pagpapractice pero siyempre, gusto rin naming makita ng mga fans na ginagawa namin ‘yung best naming para matuwa at mag-enjoy sila,” Shaira said.

“’Yung favorite part ko po dun sa performance na ginawa namin siyempre ‘yung dalawa po kami sa Speechless at sa’ka sobra kasing nailabas namin yung true colors na gusto naming iparating. Aside po dun, ‘yung last performance din namin sobrang memorable po ‘yun kasi first time din naming magpeperform na dalawa po kami,” Shaira expressed.

On the other hand, Yssa revealed her keyboard-playing flair before the attendees by playing “River Flows in You” by Yiruma and her arnis skills after dancing to Blackpink’s “Kill This Love”, Little Mix’s “Black Magic” and “Swalla”.

Gabb owned the stage by flawlessly rapping to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” and flaunting her strong voice through singing “When I Look at You” by Miley Cyrus, “Someone Like You” by Adele and dancing to “Señorita” by Camilla Cabello, and more. Last but not the least, Ash wowed the audience by jiving to hit Japanese songs “Chiisana Koi No Uta”, “Fuwa Fuwa Time”, “Anniversary” and K-Pop song “La Vie en Rose” by IZ*ONE.

“Very overwhelming [‘yung Seitansai] kasi ‘di po namin inexpect na madaming pupunta ngayong day, alanganin kasi may mga work at school ‘yung iba pero ‘yun ‘yung pinakamasarap at pinakamasayang natanggap ngayong birthday namin,” Gabb said when she was asked about how she felt performing before her MNLoves.

The Seitansai concluded with the MNL48 Undergirls’ performance of “Gingham Check” and the celebrants joining the Senbatsu girls for the performance of their latest single “Ikaw Ang Melody” which was released last July 25 and succeeded by its music video last July 27. They also promoted the upcoming event Coslandia 2019 which is a J-Culture festival happening on November 1, 2 and 3, 2019 at SMX Convention Center Aura.

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AKB48 and overseas sister groups’ members gather at the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai press conference

by MNL48 Philippines

A press conference for the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in SHANGHAI was held on July 31, 2019 in Shanghai, China where popular members from seven groups – AKB48 and their international sister groups – gathered to introduce the upcoming Asia Festival, left a sweet message for their fans in China and talked about their excitement for the event which will be held at the Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center on 24th of August.

The members who attended the press conference were AKB48 Mukaichi Mion, JKT48 Beby, BNK48 Cherprang, AKB48 Team SH Mao WeiJia, AKB48 Team TP Chen Shih-Ya, SGO48 Kaycee and MNL48’s very own Abby.

As the host of the press conference, Captain of the local Shanghai group AKB48 Team SH Mao WeiJia, introduced each overseas sister group members on stage while fans, who won the lottery to attend the event, welcomed them with cheers. The members then performed the hit AKB48 song “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”, which has gained widespread popularity in China. They also treat the audience with their on the spot performance of “Let’s Try Dancing: An Elderly Person Version”, also known as the “Public Square Dance”, led and instructed by Mao WeiJia.

Moreover, the members also shared the presents they each brought for their fans in China and showed their sample「福」calligraphy to express their gratitude in Chinese-style, showing fans their zeal for the upcoming Asia Festival.

AKB48 Group Asia Festival is a large-scale festival where AKB48 and other overseas sister groups take part in the event, and this time it will be held in Shanghai. This will be the second time the festival will be held this year as the first ever Asia Festival happened last January 27 in Bangkok.

The upcoming Asia Festival will feature 64 members from seven groups (AKB48, JKT48, BNK48, MNL48, AKB48 Team SH, AKB48 Team TP and SGO48) who will perform for the said event. The festival program will consist of a fan meeting where fans get to enjoy each group’s individuality, a high-5 event to be participated by all members, a concert with performances and special units that can only be seen exclusively at the Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai and many more, making it a highly anticipated festival that is distinctive to the AKB48 Group.

For the AKB48 Group, this will be the first time they are holding a huge solo concert in China, and many local fans were over the moon with the announcement of the second Asia Festival for this year will be held in Shanghai.

AKB48 Group General Manager, Mukaichi Mion expressed her excitement for the second Asia Festival this year, “The previous Asia Festival was the first time it was held, and although we speak different languages and have different cultures, we overcome that and sing the same AKB48 songs, bringing our hearts together as one, and it was a very touching. This second time, we would like to join forces with all our comrades around the world and make the best concert we can. We hope you enjoy the units and performances that can only be seen here. 48 Group fans, let’s meet in Shanghai on 24th August!!”

Looking back at the recent Asia Festival held in her home country, BNK48 Cheprang is also looking forward to experience Asia Festival with her 48sisters and fans this time in Shanghai. “We are very happy to join this event again. It was the great times that we had shared our happiness, culture, and friendship together with our 48 sister groups and also fanclub. We are looking forward to meet and share the delighted experience to 48Fan and also the 48sister group in Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai on 24th August 2019!

Sharing the same excitement for the upcoming event, AKB48 Team SH Mao WeiJia couldn’t wait to share the stage with her sister groups as they will showcase their talent in one dream stage, “We are very happy to be able to show everyone this amazing stage performance by the groups in various territories; something that can only be seen at this event. For us Team SH, we would like to follow our seniors’ examples and bring positive energy to everyone by challenging many new things. We are also delighted that we will be sharing the stage with our other sister groups! I am so excited that recently I lack sleep! Looking forward to meeting everyone, so please come to the event and we will continue working hard!”

Meanwhile, before flying to Shanghai for the Asia Festival Press Conference, MNL48 Abby expressed how honored she is to represent MNL48 in the press conference, “It’s really overwhelming, and I’m very much excited. Of course, in behalf of MNL48, I will do my best to represent our group.”

“They need to expect more power when it comes to singing and dancing because from our past experience in Thailand, we learned a lot and we will use the knowledge that we gained for the upcoming AKB48 Group Asia Festival in Shanghai to improve our performance,” Abby added, when asked what MNLoves should expect from their performance.

Aside from voice and dance trainings, Abby continued that mental and emotional preparations are also needed for them to execute a more impressive show.

Catch MNL48 Sela, Abby, Sheki, Rans, Coleen, Brei, Kay and Belle at the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in SHANGHA on August 24, 2019 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. Tickets are on sale now at Damai and other various ticketing agents.

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by MNL48 Philippines

MNL48 July celebrants indulge their families, friends and fans with performances full of extras – extra fun, extraordinary and with extravaganza in their Seitansai event on July 28, 2019 at Movie Stars Cafe.

As they turn a year older this July; Sheki on July 20, Nile on July 08 and Abby on July 31, the Seitansai celebrants performed an amazing production number ‘Salute’ by Little Mix and opened the event by performing their fourth single’s coupling song ‘So Long’ together with the second year Senbatsu.

Moreover, there’s a surprised VTR from their family and friends for the celebrants that made the event more inspiring and more memorable than ever.

“Napaka-masunuring bata ni Abby at higit sa lahat ay mapag-mahal siya sa pamilya. Ang wish ko lang ay good health, stay humble kasi ikaw ang anak ko na matapang at malakas ang loob sa lahat ng bagay. From the bottom of our hearts, I love you and Happy Birthday!” said by the ever-supporting and loving mother of MNL48 Abby.

“At her early age, nakita na naming ang potential mo at napatunayan na magaling ka talaga kumanta. Sa pagtiya-tiyaga mo ay aanihin mo ‘yan later on at sa dasal at paghi-hirap ay makakamit mo lahat ng pangarap mo” an inspiring message coming from MNL48 Sheki’s grandfather.

Additionally, the celebrants expressed their love for their fans by giving them never-before-seensolo-performances; started with a performance of the most famous and all-time favorites by all generations music like ‘Kailan’ by MYMP, ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ by Laurin Hill and ended it by dancing off an Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you’ by MNL48 Nile. Followed by the one and only MNL48 Abby by serenading the fans by giving them a soothing vocals with songs like ‘Runaway’ by The Corrs and ‘Para Sa Akin’ by Sitti Navarro and ended it with her fiery dance moves.

Lastly, the versatile and with the total performer of MNL48 Sheki gave the fans an incomparable hats-off performances starting with dancing and singing ‘Halftime Show’ performance of Beyonce, then a jazz version of ‘Grenade’ of Bruno Mars and ended it with a fierce dance performance of Blackpink’s musics.

The celebrants played a goofy game that made their fans know them deeper which is entitled ‘Fast Talk’ and this game spiced up the event and add more flavor to the girls. Hence, this proved that Sheki is a coffee lover, Abby is a contour fanatic and Nile as a trainee of MNL48 and a member of Tokyo Girls Collection.

Meanwhile, MNL48 Abby stated “Sobrang naa-aapreciate po naming lahat ng effort ng mga fans lalo na ‘yung sa malalayong lugar na pumupunta pa sa mga event namin, maraming salamat po kasi kung hindi dahil sa inyo wala kami dito. Kayo ang lakas naming MNLoves!”

Moreover, MNL48 undergirls surprised the fans by performing their first ever live performance of ‘Gingham Check’ this July Sentaisai event.

“Sobrang galling ni Abby at Sheki! At mas nakilala ko si Nile ngayong event. Gusto ko pa sila makilala ng husto kaya susuportahan ko pa sila ng sobra.” Stated by the solid fan of Abby and Sheki who wanted to know TGC and MNL48 Nile.

The Seitansai celebrants ended the event by performing their newest single ‘Ikaw ang melody’ , that has been released last July 25 and its music video last July 27, together with their eversupporting Senbatsu members.

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MNL48 premieres “Ikaw ang Melody” music video

by MNL48 Philippines

Following the announcement of MNL48 4th single on Thursday, July 25, the group debut their eighth music video “Ikaw ang Melody” starring the Second Year Senbatsu members Sela, Abby, Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Ash Rans, Faith, Jan, Gabb, Jem, Kyla, Grace, Rowee, Thea and new Center Girl Aly today, July 27, 2019 on their official YouTube Channel.

“Ikaw ang Melody” is the Tagalog version of their international sister group AKB48’s “Kimi Wa Melody”, the 43rd single of the group that marked their 10th annual anniversary.

“The concept was living dolls and that's how we see MNL48 for the project. Living, beautiful, talented dolls for the song” said Peewee Gonzalez, the director of the music video.

Sela shared her thoughts about the music video “Of course, I am very honored to be part of this single because as we all know, Kimi Wa Melody by AKB48 was one of their legendary songs and I could say that the best part of this preparation is we, MNL48 members, along with the MNL48 management, worked together to make all of these possible. And I guess the difference between the making of this MV and other MV's of MNL48 is we were able to put a lot of Filipino touch in it.”

“Ang Ikaw ang Melody music video ay ibang iba sa previous mv namin dahil first time namin magsoot ng philippine costume , which is sobrang saya dahil we MNL48 are representing our country Philippines” Abby added.

Moreover, Aly reminisced doing the previous music video before she become the Center Girl “The difference po talaga this time ako na ang center kasi during the past MVs parang I was a follower po, a follower of the leader which is the center tapos ngayon I feel like I am carrying the whole group kaya dapat mas tatagan ko pa loob ko para din po sa girls.”

Meanwhile, MNL48’s “Ikaw ang Melody” music video hashtag #IkawAngMelodyMNL48 reached the 10th spot on the Philippine Twitter Trends upon its release.

Watch “Ikaw Ang Melody” music video here:

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​MNL48 brings “Ikaw Ang Melody” to Starmall, SM Sangandaan

by MNL48 Philippines

MNL48 Second Generation Senbatsu members took their newly released Fourth Single “Ikaw Ang Melody” onstage for the first time at EDSA Starmall and SM Sangandaan on July 26 and 27, 2019.

The Starmall crowd sang along with MNL48 new Senbatsu members headed by new Center, MNL48 Aly and joined with Sela, Abby, Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Ash, Rans as they sang and danced to Fourth Single’s coupling song “So Long!” and their latest release “Ikaw Ang Melody,” following their 30-second music video teaser which was uploaded last July 25.

Sela and Abby sampled their favorite dance moves from the Fourth Single before teasing MNLoves with what they should expect from “Ikaw Ang Melody” music video. MNL48 Abby also promoted their upcoming TV variety show “Moshi Moshi Hokkaido” that will be soon aired on TV5.

On Saturday, the Madlang Onliners first heard of the girls’ latest song as MNL48 Center Aly together with Faith, Jan, Gabb, Jem, Kyla, Grace, Rowee and Thea introduced it on It’s Showtime Online. “Sobrang overwhelming po talaga kasi first time maging center, first time na nakapasok bilang hindi lang Center kundi Senbatsu din and with the other girls din po,” Aly said.

When asked on how it was to be a Center girl, Aly said, “Kailangan po talagang [ma-unite] ang grupo na sabay-sabay po kaming aangat. Of course po iniinspire ko rin po sila na dapat po galingan po natin kasi di lang po dito, international din po kaya kailangan po mas galingan po.”

MNL48 girls Thea, Rowee and Kyla also expressed their excitement on being included as new 2nd Gen Senbatsu members and shared a little sneak peek on their off-camera trainings and happenings.

Watch the full appearance here at 9:31 mark:

Meanwhile, the mall show in Caloocan was full of firsts as it was the group’s first time to perform at SM Sangandaan and serenade the crowd with the a-capella version of “Ikaw Ang Melody”.

“Nakakagulat kasi since first time natin, ang daming taong pumunta kaya nakakatuwa for us. Maraming maraming salamat po sa SM Sangandaan,” MNL48 Sela said. “Super na-overwhelm kami syempre sa sobrang daming taong dumating ngayon!” Captain MNL48 Alice exclaimed.

New Center MNL48 Aly also hyped the audience with their announcement of “Ikaw Ang Melody” full music video which aired last July 27 on MNL48 Official YouTube channel. “At siyempre, gusto ko lang sabihin na ang ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ ay para siyang kanta na nirerepresent ang pagka-Pinoy natin,” former Center Sheki said as she highlights the Filipiniana costumes and other Filipino traditions featured in their music video.

The group also invited everyone to the July Seitansai of Senbatsu Abby, Sheki and Kenkyuusei member Nile on Sunday, July 28 at Movie Stars Café.

Asked about how Aly felt after her first stage appearances with the rest of Senbatsu and their new songs, she said, “Ngayong tapos na po ang mall show natin sa SM Sangandaan, of course sobrang nakaka-overwhelm po kasi second day ng mall show po namin and yesterday was our first mall show po in Starmall Shaw po and sobrang dami ng tao.”

“Kasama ko rin po ‘yung eight members ng MNL48 Senbatsu kaya sobrang pong nakaka-overwhelm. Nakaka-excite din po kasi ito rin po ‘yung day na ipapalabas ang ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ full music video kaya mas nakaka-hype po na mag-mall show kami tapos mamayang gabi mapapanood po ‘yung music video. And of course sana po suportahan niyo pa po ‘yung MNL48 ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ Fourth Single album,” Aly said.

Aly also expressed her excitement and amazement as she witnessed new faces among the MNLoves crowd that they even watched on the second floor of the venue.

Shane Samson from Caloocan, who has been waiting for an MNL48 mall show, said that the girls’ performance has exceeded her expectations.

“First time ko pong makita ang MNL48 at siyempre na-starstruck po ako dahil naabot po yung expectations ko at sumobra pa sa expectations ko. At sa’ka kahit sandali lang po ‘yung performance nila, sulit na sulit po ‘yung paghihintay po namin,” Shane said.

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MNL48 announce 4th single “Ikaw ang Melody”, Tease new music video

by MNL48 Philippines

Philippines’ idol group, MNL48 surprised fans after dropping details for their 4th single, “Ikaw ang Melody” and released a 30-second-long teaser video of their upcoming music video on Thursday, July 25, 2019 via group’s official social media pages. Aside from announcement of the 4th single featuring MNL48 2nd Year Senbatsu members lead by Center, MNL48 Aly together with Sela, Abby, Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Ash, Rans, Faith, Jan, Gabb, Jem, Kyla, Grace, Rowee, and Thea, MNL48 also revealed the track list which includes “Gingham Check” by MNL8 under girls, “So Long!” by Senbatsu and its instrumental versions. Other details included in the announcement is the new Digital Music Cards that fans can purchase and collect to listen to the 4th single album, which can now be pre-ordered, together with the audio CDs, on Hallo Hallo Mall website starting today. The latest single marks the beginning of the new chapter for the group as this will be their first release as 2nd year members after the General Election last April, that’s why newly crowned 2nd year Center, Aly couldn’t contain her excitement and happiness to be part of the Senbatsu and to lead the group for this single. “Very overwhelming because it is my first time to be part of Senbatsu and being the second year Center Girl. I’m very excited too for making the 4th single Ikaw ang Melody. From recording to making the music video it was just breathtaking because it was so surreal. In our recording, we have fun familiarizing, memorizing the lyrics. It also gave me a realization that this is it, this is my start to be the center of MNL48.”

Sharing the same excitement for the release of their newest single, Former Center Girl, Sheki gives her full support to Aly and hopes their fans will love their 4th single.

“Ngayong ginagawa na po namin ang 4th single ang nararamdaman ko po right now is naeexcite dahil dito na nga namin mapapakita at masasabi na “Ay, oo nga pala next chapter na ng MNL48”. Sa mga nakaraang singles po na naging center po ako masaya na dalhin ko ang buong grupo kumbaga I was given the chance po to lead MNL48. And ngayong hindi na po ako ang center, I’m excited na mafeel din na its time naman para saken na ako naman ung magsupport sa girls especially to our 2nd year center MNL48 Aly. I’m happy for her dahil ito na ang time nya para magshine and I’m willing to help her naman po sa pagbigay ng knowledges at advices. So ayun po eto na malapit na ang aming 4th single at madami na ding nag-aabang kaya naman talagang ibibigay namin ang lahat para maging worth it ang pag-aantay ng MNLoves.”

As one of the newest members of MNL48, Jamie shared how nervous and thrilled she was for group’s 4th single as ‘Kimi Wa Melody” is her favorite AKB48 song, “Preparing for the 4th single was a very exciting experience for me as a new member. Going through photoshoots, recordings, and the MV Shoot was so much fun! To be honest, I felt a bit nervous as this is my first time, but with the help of my Senpais, everything went smoothly. When I learned that Kimi Wa Melody would be the 4th single song, I felt even more excited! The MV for Kimi Wa Melody by AKB48 is my favorite, even way before being an official member. Jamie also added how she enjoyed the whole experience as a first timer and how excited she is for their fans to hear their latest offering, “creating the song and the music video was such a happy experience. I felt kilig when I wore my own costume and headdress for the first time! After shooting the MV, I couldn’t help but feel more excited for the launching. I am thrilled to show our dearest MNLoves the songs we’ve been working on for the past months. I also am excited for our music to reach the different parts of the world.”

Meanwhile, Ikaw ang Melody music video director, Director Peewee Gonzales shared his experience in doing this project with MNL48, “Many circumstances happened that we didn’t expect that day that’s why we started rolling way behind our schedule but you know what, shooting MNL48 is easy! When we called for them to be onset, they're readily there. All rehearsed and they really knew what they were doing. Pro! Our experience was both heaven and hell, it was challenging, redeeming and fun. Its a roller coaster ride with lots of bumps, turns, twists, and then going back to ride that coaster again just because you loved it.”

The premier of” Ikaw ang Melody” full music video will be announced soon on the group’s social media pages.

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